Killian Tarver
Dancing through the pain
Sickle Cell Awareness

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The war against Disease
is the war of Liberation
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There are a lot of weak hands
with strong dreams waiting
Why not help them?
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About KT-dtp Sickle Cell Awareness

1 in every 365 Black children are born with Sickle Disease and 1 out of every 13 child births are born with Sickle Cell Trait.

KT-DTP Foundations is a 501c3 nonprofit Sickle Cell Disease organization with a commitment to serving and supporting families and Warriors battling Sickle Cell Disease. We are dedicated to bringing Awareness to the Communities and making an impact in lives. Part of our mission is one home, one family at a time.  We will also be providing families a place to stay as they recover or go through treatments for Sickle Cell Anemia..

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Our Goals

Our goals are to acquire homes for families, as well as bringing education to the communities, and support to our Warriors.

If you, or you know someone that will be going through Chemo and wants to have an Hair Cutting Ceremony Sponsored by us,
Please email [email protected]


  • Being an adult with Sickle Cell we sometimes get moved to the side. Although we have grew from children to adults we still matter. I am glad that this non profit is supporting all Warriors of all Ages and knowing that someone still cares.

  • Kt-dtp held me an hair cutting ceremony. It made getting ready for Chemo and my Bone marrow tranplant a lot easier. I felt special I felt loved and more importantly I didnt feel alone..

  • My child has Sickle Cell and we are in the hospital often. Kt-dtp sent goodie bags which included books, games, and my child's favorite snacks. It made his stay a little brighter..

    J D

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